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1 bottles / day, 7 bottles. 100% natural mixed juice. No preservatives, No sugar added, No water added.

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Detox optionsJuice combination
Detox RefreshDetox Jumbo x 3  Tropical Detox x 2
Kale magic x 2
Detox Refresh ft. BeetrootDetox Jumbo x 3Kale magic x 2Beetroot x 2
    We don't recommend you to replace all meals by only drinking juice to service, it is very likely to mess up your metabolism and won't keep the weight lost result for long term.
    Recommendation: 2-3 bottles a day and replace some of the high calorie foods and do it consistently.
  • MAX: 3-4 bottles / day
    With smaller quantity of normal meals and maximum 3-4 bottles a day, you will lose weight healthy but also have a better skin. 

Remember - Look healthy, Natural Beauty!


These juices are 100% natural.

No Preservatives.No Sugar OR Water Added

Unless you drink them immediately,
please open this cooler bag or take them out and put them in a fridge (0-4° C) or a cooler.

*Free delivery covers the commercial areas in Hong Kong. Additional delivery allowance may apply in other areas. 

Thank you for supporting us and the hardworking delivery man.